Advent 2020 Calendar

In a year when the pandemic is putting us to the test as a society and as individuals, when everything feels new and difficult, Christians are called to renew hope – both ours and the world’s.

Christmas, that very special time of the year, is coming, when what we most cherish is the chance to celebrate with family and friends. But right now we don’t know how we will celebrate it, or with how many people.

However, as befitting, we do want to prepare for the arrival of the Christ Child who brings good tidings for everyone. Which is why for the last couple of years we have been bringing you our Advent Calendar.

It’s a calendar that can be followed on Social Media and which reaches as far as these networks do. Honduras, Germany, Mexico, Canada and Japan are just some of the places where people have been preparing Christmas with the help of this calendar, which is also available in Spanish..

Don’t miss out or fail to share it. It can reach many corners of the world and help many people during this Advent season. And it’s intended to keep your faith young.

This year, when we’re being asked to keep social distance, stay at home, primarily, and not share kisses or hugs, our theme is:

Because our Lord also chose to be less when born among us, so as to love us more!!! This is what we are called to this holiday season: to celebrate less but just as deeply, so as to care better for one another.

So, what can you do? First of all, follow us on our Social Media.

Then, find out how the calendar works: each Advent day we’ll publish a daily challenge that will help get you ready for Christmas. The challenges are related to four different verbs that were chosen because they seemed particularly relevant this year: comfort, care, create and celebrate. And each day of the week is focused on a specific reality: Mondays are for you, Tuesdays are “green” and focused on the environment, Wednesdays have to do with your “influencers” or those to whom you feel the closest, Thursdays are dedicated to those whom you feel the furthest away, Fridays have to do with the outcast, Saturdays are focused on your family and Sundays are for God.

Next, if you want to start Advent with a bang and deepen in the meaning of each of the proposed verbs, join us for our online Advent Vigil on Saturday, November 28th. You can find it on our YouTube channel:

Finally, if you belong to any movement, parish, community, school, etc. and you would like to receive all the material, information, publications, and challenges to plan your Advent with us, fill out the following form.

Inma Blanch – CLC Youth Mission Team Spain


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