Lent Calendar

Like last year, the CLC Youth Mission Team in Spain proposes a daily preparation during the 40 days of Lent. It is an opportunity to prepare our hearts to live the passion, death and resurrection of the Lord. This year, in many places, in addition to the difficulties caused by Covid-19, we are also experiencing social, economic and political difficulties. Still Christians are called to have confidence and hope, and to renew our passion for the Kingdom. We are called to be attentive to the most vulnerable and marginalized, and to experience their pain. This is the pain that Christ felt.
The proposal for this Lent will be to go on a journey of passion for various realities close to us that need our care: the planet, the family, those who influence us, those who are far away, the excluded, ourselves and God.
How can you follow this proposal? Every day we will share the daily action through social networks.

Spanish: Facebook: @Fe joven CVX; Instagram: @fejovencvx; Twitter: @fejovencvx
English: Facebook: @CLCEurope; Instagram: @cvx_clc; Twitter: @CVX_CLC
French: Facebook: @CVX – CLC; Instagram: @cvx_clc; Twitter: @CVX_CLC

The CLC Youth Mission Team in Spain is very happy to be able to bring this calendar to the world community. They know that it is followed by many in different parts of the world (in Spanish, in English, in French and in Arabic). We are very grateful that they wanted to share this initiative with everyone. It helps us to be united in prayer and mission.
Are you ready to be passionate and to accompany the Lord in his way of passion?