GCL-project voor opvang bootvluchtelingen in Ragusa, Sicilië

Voor de tweede keer organiseert de Europese GCL een kamp voor opvang van bootvluchtelingen in Sicilië.

Dit kamp duurt drie weken in een GCL- sfeer, dus er is tijd voor gebed, reflectie en uitwisseling. Alle leeftijden maar in de eerste plaats jongeren zijn uitgenodigd. Hieronder vind je alle details.

AT THE FRONTIERS with asylum seekers


At the Frontiers is a volunteer programme with asylum seekers launched by the European Christian Life Community (CLC) in 2015. The 2016 edition of the programme will take place between June and October 2016 in Ragusa, Italy, and will welcome volunteers from all CLC European communities and beyond.

The camp

In line with CLC principles, the camp aims to combine daily moments of prayer and sharing with practical activities in reception centres. Each volunteer is expected to participate and actively contribute to all shared mom ents. During the camp, volunteers will be tasked with organizing and carrying out recreation activities for asylum seekers.


The activities will be carried out in the reception centres run by Fondazione San Giovanni Battista (www.fsgb.it).  The reception centres host young men and women from different parts of Africa and Asia who have applied for asylum in Italy. The centres are managed by professional operators. Therefore, volunteers will be in charge of supporting their daily work in the centres. Activities may vary depending on the centre considered. Some examples of activities carried out i n the past include language courses, music laboratory, painting, cooking, football. That being said, please be aware that the most important “activity “ is building relationships with the guests of the centres, talking and spending time with them.

Our goals

“At the frontiers” programme has three main goals

1. Be there ‘at the frontiers’, raising awareness about the plight of migrants

2. Live an experience of personal and spiritual growth

3. Share the camp experience with other volunt eers and foster community spirit

4. Open channels of cooperation between the different national CLC communities



Volunteers will stay at the Jesuit house in Ragusa, Sicily (Italy). Activities with migrants will be carried out in the reception centres managed by Fondazione San Giovanni Battista.



Volunteers may apply for one of the following 5 shifts:

• 25 June—17 July

• 16 July—7 August

• 6 August—28 August

• 27 August—18 September

• 17 September—9 October

Each shift lasts 23 days. The first two days are dedicated to arrivals and a meeting with previous volunteers. On the first Monday of each shift, an operator of Fondazione San Giovanni Battista will introduce volunteers to the day-to-day management of the centres and the asylum application process. Activities in the centres will be carried out from Monday to Friday, while during weekends the group of volunteers will have the opportunity to visit Ragusa and its beautiful surroundings.


The cost for each shift is 275 euros, including food and accommodation for 23 days. Travel arrangements are not included and volunteers should organise their trip to and from Ragusa autonomously. We will be available to provide additional support and information on flight connections and coaches.

Please let us know of any financial difficulties, those shall not constitute an obstacle to participation.

How to apply

Fill in the application form (http://goo.gl/forms/NdpsgmFTfZ) no later than twenty days before the start of the shift.

All applications will be reviewed and applicants will be contacted to schedule a Skype interview. Successful applicants will be notified about the outcome of their application within one week from the interview.

Volunteers will be selected on the basis of their motivation, age, previous experiences, language and organisational skills.



Volunteers have to meet the following requirements

–          Aged 18+ (priority will be given to those aged 18-35 years old)

–          Fluency in English and/or French

–          Strong motivation

–          Ability to adapt to multicultural environments and community life

–          Willingness to take part in ALL shared moments, including prayers and group sharing.


For more information

Email us at migrantsproject@cvxlms.it

Visit our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/ATTHEFRONTIERS/

The European CLC (GCL)-website: http://www.clc-cvx.eu


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