International, Sportive Hiking Retreat! « Hiking with Christ in the midst of Creation.»

From Sunday Juny 30th 2019 (5pm) until Sunday July 7th 2019 (9am)

Animation & guidance: a CLC team (CLC = Christian Life Community)

Summary :
A week of hiking, fraternal life and prayer in an international context.
o Bilingual retreat in English and French (English only if required for certain participants)
o Appr. 5 to 6 hours hike a day with a difference of altitude of 800 to 1000 meters per day ; one day in the middle of the week with a shorter hike.
o Participants must be able to share in French or in English and to say a minimum in the other language
o Requires mountain experience and a very good physical shape
o Simple accommodation at the Spiritual Centre of Saint Hugues (near Grenoble, France) in single rooms.
o This session is open to all CLC members or people who are interested to discover CLC.
o A short interview with one of the organizers is foreseen before your inscription shall be finalized.

Contact for questions :

« Jesus went up a mountainside and called to him those he wanted “ Mk 13,»

More info: flyer in English

More info: flyer in French


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