8-Day Prayer Week for CLC Lebanon in English, 11-18 October 2020.

On Sunday 4 October, the CLC group “Cheminer Franco-Libanais” (members of the Christian Life Community from several countries: France, Lebanon, Egypt, Germany, Malta, Belgium, Brazil) starts a week of prayer (in French) to unite with our Lebanese and Egyptian friends following the painful events in the Lebanon. The 8 days of prayer will end on 11th of October (read more on this initiative below). Members of CLC The Netherlands have expressed a willingness to do something for CLC Lebanon since hearing about the explosion in Beirut. Because of expressed concern of our members and encouraged by several CLC members from other countries who requested for an English version of the retreat, CLC The Netherlands decided to translate the prayer week into Dutch and English. As this took some time, we were not able to finish it in time to join the French initiative. So, we have decided to begin on Sunday 11th October and finish on the 18th of October. This will allow the week of prayer to extend for another 8 days during which we will pray together with CLC Lebanon. If you are interested in joining, you send an email to: mariellematthee@gmail.com

We will send you a prayer-leaflet each day. If there is sufficient interest we can organise a zoom meeting on Tuesday 20 October at 19.30 to share in groups about our experience of the prayer week.

Please read the motivation below of the initiators of this prayer week:

“The CLC group “Cheminer Franco-Libanais” wants to support CLC Lebanon and start a spiritual experience, while each one remains in the context of his or her country.

Why this week of prayer with a particular intention for Lebanon?

We were shocked by the violent explosion that occurred in August in the port of Beirut – Lebanon – one more event that added to the many difficulties that Lebanon is experiencing  and plunging this city and this country into anger and desolation. One more event that added to the many difficulties Lebanon is experiencing.

The need for support for the material reconstruction of Lebanon is enormous. Very quickly, the desire to find ourselves again in faith arose.  The week of prayer is for all those who wish to pray with us.”


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