Internationale wandelretraite: «Growing into Community in the midst of the Creation.»

St Hugues 2018

« Jesus went up a mountainside and called to him those he wanted “ Mk 13,»

Animation & guidance
Philippe Marbaix, sj. Belgium
Marielle Matthee, CLC Netherlands
Allard Kouwenhoven, CLC France

From July 1st 2018 (5pm) until July 8th 2018 (9am)

Summary :
A week of hiking, fraternal life and prayer in an international context.
o Bilingual retreat in English and French
o 4 to 5 hours hike a day with a difference of altitude of 600 to 900 meters
o Participants must be able to share in French or in English and to say a minimum in the other language.
o Simple accommodation at the Spiritual Centre of Saint Hugues in single rooms.
o This session is open to all CLC members or people who are interested to discover CLC.
o A short interview with one of the organizers is foreseen before your inscription shall be finalized.

Six days Ignatian retreat. Praying and hiking in middle of the beautiful mountain chains of Belledonne and Chartreuse (Alpine mountain regions close to Grenoble):
· To experience being part of a community in a fraternal and international setting
· To recognize the traces of God in the Creation, in the human story, and in our own life.
· To explore the links between physical exercises and the Spiritual Exercises by means of
silence, contemplation, the Word, prayer and sharing.
· Times of silence (in the Centre and in the mountains) and times of exchange (during meals and the afternoons) shall be alternated.
· To live together times of sharing (in French and in English).

Each day
􀂃 Presentation of the theme and spiritual exercises of the day.
􀂃 Transportation to the starting point of the daily hike (in the mornings this will be in
silence) ? on average approximately this will take 45 min
􀂃 A hike of about 5 hours with a height difference of 600 to 900 meters in different
mountain regions around Grenoble (Chartreuse, Belledonne)
􀂃 Personal prayer
􀂃 Picnic in the mountains
􀂃 A possibility to receive individual spiritual guidance, and during the descents the option to talk and exchange.
􀂃 Celebrations.
􀂃 Meals (not in silence).
􀂃 Sharing times in French-speaking or Englishspeaking groups.
The texts with which we work will be available in both French and English.

Things to bring along:
For the hikes in the mountains:
High mountain boots (with ankle support) and walking sticks.
Warm clothes (at altitude it can be cold and the weather can change quickly). At least one set of waterproof coat and trousers and a rain poncho.
Sunglasses and sun lotion.
A small backpack for the day (30 liters).
A watch.
For the picnics: a lunchbox in the style of Tupperware’, an unbreakable cup, a bottle of 1.5 liters, a small thermos, your camping cutlery.

St Hugues 2

Typical organization of the day
7.30am Group prayer & introduction morning theme
8 am Breakfast & preparation of the pick nick
8.45 Departure by car
9.30 Start of the hiking
Pause et prayer
12.45 Lunch
1.30pm Introduction of the theme of the afternoon
Pause & prayer or celebration
Return by car
5.45 Arrival at the Centre
Free time or Celebration
7pm Dinner
8.30pm Sharing in groups
9.15 End of the common day program

For in the Centre:
Please bring your towels and alarm clock.
You can bring your own bed linen, sheets.
Optional rental of bed linen/sheets: 5 euro

Please note…
o Costs of fuel for the transportation in the mountains will be shared amongst the participants.
o If you play any instrument, please bring along, or let us know and we will try to have a loan

St Hugues 3

The spiritual Centre of St Hugues de Biviers

We will be staying at the Centre St Hugues de Biviers, at 10 miles from Grenoble. This
Centre is managed by the Christian Life Community – CLC – and offers retreats based
upon de Ignatian spirituality, in majority in silence. For this reason it will be required to
respect the silence within the Centre.
o The equipment of the Centre is basic. The rooms are single (possibility to have a double
room) , with shared showers and toilets by floor.
o Direction to go to St Hugues can be found at the site of the Centre.
There is a bus going to Montbonnot from the SNCF Railway station in Grenoble. You will
be picked up at the bus stop in Montbonnot
o Optional night possible to arrive on Saturday June 30th and have some rest before the
start of the retreat.

Cost of this session is 466,50 €
20,00 € administrative fee
Note that if you come from far, we can participate in your costs and offer a reduction on the price (please mention this in your discussion with one of the organizers if this is important for you).

Contacts :


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